Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heart Anchor

Always A Bridge
As love's heart anchor,
those immutable bits of yesterday,
when feelings crystal clear and sharp
as waters from the mountain streams
cascaded fast and cold
from year to year
with love untold.
You were my all,
my reverie when days were not
exciting as I thought they ought,
and hard to take, with pain,
yet no regret or fear
that you would leave
me standing here.
Always a bridge,
a hand outstretched to draw me back
across the flowing streams of life
that would have carried me afar
when I would go away
with no desire,
or thought to stay.
Now, memory
is what I have of days gone by,
the life we shared washed down the stream
though once we ruled the mountain high.
Still, there is no weath'ring blast
could cause to fail
that love held fast.
A Colorado mountain stream

west of Denver

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