Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tomorrow The Sky May Fall



Today you bring me flowers
with a smile upon your face
and love thoughts glowing in your eyes,
and we embrace
with warm and tender touch
that does not want to cease.

I close my eyes with giddiness,
enjoying your manly scent,
mingling with the perfumed blossoms
on which your pay was spent--
the sunshine bright, the sky so blue
our happiness beyond extent.

Know today that you I love
for tomorrow the sky may fall,
or you may wish that we had never met,
or one of us may not recall
the specialness that we possess
and promises we made, at all.

Love me this day before the petals
wilt and and fall in seeming sorrow;
'fore autumn leaves have blown away
and beauty's gone with none to borrow.
Smile at me so tenderly
as if there's no tomorrow.


Computer art:  "Aftermath"
by TAPS/Betty Stone

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