Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do You Think God Saw Me?



I'm in trouble now, Spike!  I'm in trouble.
You're lucky you're a dog
cause no one cares what a dog does
as long as you don't bite someone...
or chew up daddy's shoe...
or bark too loud at the postman...
or tear up the newspaper
before mom has a chance to
cut out the coupons.
You're just a dog.
God don't care what you do, Spike.
You probably don't even know
that He's watching.
You're just a dog--a lucky ol' dog.
Right now I wish I was a dog
like you.


Collage Composition from old magazine cutouts
by TAPS/Betty Stone


  1. I can remember when I was thinking the similar thought.. years ago.. :-)

    Every mistake seemed scary at that time..