Sunday, September 5, 2010

Words Can Do It

I went there again today--that place I love,
with azure skies and amber hues
against the rocks of red and bronze,
with scrub pines guarding mountain trails
that lead to places that I knew
so long ago.
I went there again today--and I took you
to places you have never been, or seen.
I held your hand and guided you
around the rocks so rough and bare,
to vistas you could never know,
or even dream.
I took you there o'er rocks and rills,
and 'mongst the treasured lofty peaks
we lay among the columbines
and gentle paintbrush strokes.
All the while, still in your chair,
with simple words,
I took you there.
Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO


  1. What a wonderful photo and verse--am so happy to read you here too! Sorry I just saw your comment and this blog! Will try to fix the "follower" bit, but am so technically challenged!

  2. Betty, you're showing up only once in "followers" so guess it fixed itself! What gorgeous photos, as always, in this blog!